Our Value Proposition

ARIVA Hospitality was set up in October 2008, in the midst of the global recession triggered by America’s financial crisis. Crisis however presents opportunities and ARIVA Hospitality is set up to capitalize on opportunities found during such unusual times. Ariva was subsequently acquired by the Haiyi Group on October 2017.

Our founder, Mr. Cameron Ong has more than 35 years of international hospitality experience and a proven track record in value creation and weathering crisis. Ariva's expertise includes distressed asset turnaround, repositioning and re-engineering of assets, strategic investment and exit.

Our Integrated Business Model

For business owners, ARIVA Hospitality offers an integrated value chain: to enhance asset performance, create new value for guests and an exit strategy for owners. Working in step with the business owners across the value chain and economic cycles, ARIVA Hospitality aims to unlock maximum asset value and generate the best possible returns for the owners.

Our Integrated Business Model

Our Approach - Thinking "Without the Box" & Fresh Perspectives

A typical hospitality management company will either specialize in hotel management for transient stay business or serviced apartment management for extended stay business. 

ARIVA Hospitality however sees opportunities in both segments and believes that to stay ahead, it is necessary to adopt a flexible and nimble business strategy driven by fresh ideas.

ARIVA differentiates itself as a management company that understands both the short and extended stay business, and will work with owners to effectively configure the property asset to address both target markets. It does so without increasing development cost and at the same time, deliver a new stay experience for guests.  The property will benefit from a greater resilience against economic volatility and better earnings stability.

This is made possible through VIVA - an innovative idea and a brand hallmark of ARIVA.